Guided tours in the biking paradise Gran Canaria

spectacular nature, memorable tours in perfect climate

Numerous reports prove it: the varied mountains of the Canary Islands Gran Canaria is the whole year a varied biking paradise with not only well developed roads, but also countless trails and tracks through the spectacular and exotic nature. From easy to very ambitious routes , from endless serpentines on pass roads to relaxed tours through soft valleys and above the green hills in the north - Gran Canaria offers unique  opportunities for a intensiv MTB holiday, memorable bike tours. Do not miss this unique chance to get to know the Island.

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Mountainbike Tours arround Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: guided tours, tracks, GPS

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Bike excursion A1 from Las Palmas: from the highest mountain of Gran Canaria via Teror to Las Palmas

✭ MTB-excursion A »

memorable & easy downhill from the Pico de las Nieves via Teror to Las Palmas. Easy MTB or road only excursion for each skill level: 1 hour shuttle up to the Pico de Las Nieves, the highest mountain of Gran Canaria. Starting from there at an altitude of 1950 meters up we ride down arround 30 kilometers effortlessly to Las Palmas City. Stopover in Teror is included, one of the nicest villages of the island, especially on sundays you can even visit the picturesque street market around the famous church of Teror.  »»»

MTB bike excursion A3 from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: on gravel roads to the old town of Las Palmas

✭ MTB-excursion A3 »

ambitious terrain-downhill to the old town of Las Palmas. A more demanding tour on tracks, paths and highways: Our giuded tour starts on a short street segment at the viewpoint Mirador Pico de Las Nieves, but soon it goes on a gravel road  which is not recommended for participants without any terrain experience. Far away from the paved roads we descend southerly through the Barranco del Agua in the endless serpentines to La Bodeguilla above the Vega de san Mateo. From there we ride on highways and tracks along a ridge uphill and downhill past to Santa Brigida and Tafira to the old town of Las Palmas. Highlights of the tour are the isolated, by car unattainable mountain slopes with the unique view over the old town of Las Palmas. Not suitable for cyclists who can only control paved roads. Also MTB-beginners should get off the bike in some sections of the tour. »»»

Gran Canaria Mountainbike-Tour B2: through the Barranco de Guayadeque to Agüimes

✭ Mountainbike-tour B2 »

Downhill through a spectacular canyon to the historic city Agüimes. Enjoyable drive through the culture, historie and a unique canyon landscape of Gran Canaria: Our guided tour starts downhill from the peak of the Pico de las Nieves and leads through one of the longest and most historical canyons of Gran Canaria, the Barranco de Guayadeque and ends in the beautiful historical city Agüimes in the southeast of the Island. Suitable for each experience level, for ambitious cyclists are more variants possible. »»»

Mountainbike-Tour B4 via Artenara and Tirma along the west coast

✭ MTB-excursion B4 »

via Artenara and Tirma to the west coast of Gran Canaria: MTB Tour B4 Gran Canaria. One of the highlights of our tour range: Our guided tour starts above the Cruz de Tejeda and primarily alng a ridge to Artenara where we take a short break to enjoy a spectacular panorama restaurand to later go on uphill into the pine forest of Tamadaba. From there we ride on a gravl road downhill via Tirma to El Risco at the west coast. Experienced cyclists can also ride along the spectacular coastel road to Agaete if the  slopes do not seem to steep. The participants should be able to ride on gravel roads, a short path next to a ridge the bike can also be pushed to get over some very steep slopes. »»»