Christmas in Las Palmas

Once something different ..

Also during the christmas season Las Palmas has many to offer. Highlight is definitely the christmas crib made of sand at the Canteras beach. Moreover in nomerous public places (e.g. Parque San Telmo) and Shopping malls (Las Arenas) can beautiful and huge traditional cibs be admired. Large parts of the city shine in wonderful christmal lights.

The most beautiful to look at are certainly the Parque Santa Catalina, the Parque San Telmo or the Plaza Cairasco in the old town. But also the shopping boulevards Mesa y Lopez and the Calle Mayor de Triana are shining every year in christmas lights. It is fantastic to walk along under the shining palms with a temperature of 20 degree.

The commercial zones like the Calle Mayor de Triana and the shopping boulevard Mesa y Lopez are these places of the city which are shining most brightly and enchant the senses of the visitors and natives with all these christmal colors. But also driving along the main road of the city, the Avenida Maritima will even move the  greatest christmal detractor in a emotional and festive mood. From the Hoya de la Plata (in the south of the Avenida Maritima) to the Torre de las Palmas (in the north, near Isleta) are more than 200 palms transformed into christmas trees - or christmas palms.

 We can recommend to spend the christmas season in Las Palmas people, who once would like to swap snow and cold against sun and the ocean. Taking a bath at the canteras beach is also possible at chrismas season, the water has a temperature of 20-22 degree. The numerous cultural events in christmal season will certainly not allow boredom.