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The Gran Canaria Tides Chart for Las Palmas Port: In the right column you will see the daily Tide Tables for Las Palmas Port,m Gran Canaria island. Daily tide tables are not only specific for yachting and shipping. Get to know the best hour for a snorkeling session at Canteras beach and La Barra reef (very best on low tide when no swell is entering the beach) – Gran Canaria Diving excursions also depend on tide scheduling.

Las Palmas Sun Moon Calendar with daily sunrise and sundown in Gran Canaria: important to know at which hour you can expect sunrise and sundown in Gran Canaria? See our Daily Sun Moon Charts in the Moon Calendar in the right column and get informed.

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Worldwide tide charts with sun moon calendar and moon tables are available from Mobile Geographics. Some more intersting websites refering nautical, geo- and meteorological themes: Current ship positions around canary islands are shown here.