Windsurfing in Gran Canaria

Windsurf schools, courses and camps + windsurf spots on Gran Canaria

Of all Canary Isands, so with the subject windsurfing Canaries, Gran Canaria is known by windsurf-pros as the wind surliest environment. Especially in the summer months there is a lot going on at windsurfing in Gran Canaria and we recommend to take the 3,5 sail because the wind speed rarely keeps under 50 knots. A validation for the windsurf spots’ quality on Gran Canaria are the world best windsurfers like Björn Dunkerbeck, Marcos Perez, Orjan Jensen, Jonas Ceballos and the Moreno-sisters Iballa and Daida have their domicile on Gran Canaria. This is one evidence for Gran Canaria’s high quality windsurfing places. Their training districts are the Windsurf-Spots Vargas, Juan Grande, Ojos de Garza and Pozo Izquierdo.

All those spots are lying at the breezy east coast of Gran Canaria. When coming to this banana- and tomato plantations shaped countryside wild swinging windmills will be locked in every surfer’s heart - and the pro know that a dreamlike surfing trip can be made here. The most frequent and best conditions for advanced windsurfer are given at these spots of the east coast. But also in the north of the isle like in capital city Las Palmas mainly for beginners ideal conditions are given. Both at Canteras and also at Alcaravaneras beach windsurfing can be learned well.

At the east coast in issues of lodging the first place to go for sure is the Club Mistral Windsurf, which has its wind surfing school in the Bahia Feliz. The Club Mistral has 7 lodgings directly at the windsurf-spots in Programm. It owns apartments as well as apart hotels and family hotels. Whereas in Las Palmas offers a wide variety of cheap hotels and apartments directly at Canteras beach. In windsurf school camp of Mistral beginners as well as advancers increase their surf skill and occupy a windsurf course which are leaded by professionals.