The Steep Canyon of The Original Inhabitants

Adventurous Experience at The Northern Coast of Gran Canaria

The 300 meter deep canyon Barranco Hormiguero begins right above the village San Felipe. A curvy street follows the steep slope around the canyon. The Cenobio Valeron, a cult site of the original inhabitants, is also located in the slopes of the canyon. A part of the canyon belongs to the mountain El Gallego on whose peak another archaeological excavation site is located, called Tagoror del Gallego.

The canyon itself is interspersed with bizarre rock formations, caves, palm trees and, especially during the winter time, with exotic plant species. On the Eastern side of the canyon and right above the fisher village San Felipe, the caves “Cuevas Morro del Verdugado” are located which are another wonderful sight to see.

Pictures Canyon "Hormiguero"