The Lighthouse "Faro de Sardina"

Krebsakrobatik, Fischen, einsame SträndeCrabs, Fish, Quiet Beaches, Fierce Waves and Rough Winds , wilde Wellen und ein rauher Wind oder kurz Faro de Sardina

Shortly before arriving in Sardina guests have the opportunity to make a right and go towards the “Faro de Sardina” (faro= lighthouse) which stands exposed on windy headland. There the ocean and the hectic life of Las Palmas seem far away. A path leads from the lighthouse to the bizarre volcanic rock formation where visitors can also look at dark-red crabs which hold on to the rocks with their pincers.

When a big wave comes crashing over the hundreds of crabs and the latter disappear in the white spindrift one is sure that this wave flushed the crabs away. But surprisingly, once the wave goes back out into the ocean one can assert that these “adrenaline junkies” of the animal kingdom are still at the exact same spot as before. These animals probably live on this planet since millions of years and therefore the waves and the ocean cannot really surprise them anymore.

It is guaranteed that Fishermen will catch fish at this location and further one can enjoy the peace and quiet. If one strolls along the black rocks heading South, one will arrive at the “Playa Canaria” beach where one can take a refreshing bath.