El Lloret - one of the best surf spots europe!

Waves like on an assembly line right next to the opera house

The access is via rocks and slippery stones - so please pay attention! This surf spots europe is situated right at the square ‘Plaza de la Musica’ in front of the auditorium ‘Kraus’. Only a few meters away from the surf spot ‘La Barra’. Cars or campers may be left at the big, dusty parking space located only a few meters away from the waves.

You might want to check the subsurface / underground? in advance during low tide or watch locals very closely as there may be a few tricky rocks looming dangerously out of the water. Attention and caution are inevitable.

The spot Lloret offers left as well as right waves, whereat the right ones offer significantly longer and better rides. Particularly in winter the waves reach up to 4 meters and demand endurance, experience and technical proficiency from the surfers.

During the last years stairs made of concrete have been built around the surf spot which offer a view at the surfers like from a stage and where you can enjoy the sunsets in the evenings. Along with surfers, all sorts of sports enthusiasts are present - from skateboarders and joggers to parachutists that land on the ‘Plaza de La Musica’.

From here you have an amazing view at the steep coasts and rock cliffs of the North coast. For example the ‘Monumento del Atlantico’ is situated here (see picture below).

Spot Information

Underground: when entering Cliffs, stones and lava reefs - later sand
At low tide
1,5 to 2 meters
Ideal wind conditions:
South, Southeast
Fast tubes from the right. Long and fast from the left.
Surfing clientele:
A few locals, nevertheless not an overrun surf spot
October until March
Water quality:
Very good
8 of 10 points

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