El Altillo - plenty of surf spots and top restaurants

One of the highlights along Gran Canaria's Northern coast

Coming from Las Palmas, we are still on every surfer’s dream road and that of every person who loves the sea, the GC-2. We pass by the small towns and surf spots of Quintanilla and San Andres and, after the roundabout, we turn right into Calle Altillo.

In El Altillo there are numerous recommendable restaurants; some of their terraces overlook the surf spots. To connoisseurs of fish dishes we thus offer a warm welcome in their (economically priced) culinary paradise!

As you can see in the pictures, a walk in this sleepy small town pays off as well, besides the surfing. If you turn off the local street towards the stony beach, you can walk on black volcano stones along the whole 2 km of the “local beach”. At the most, you will meet a few fishermen, cats and old people along the way, who are relaxing and who exude the same tranquillity as this place.

Along this beach there are four surf spots – Boquines, El Picacho, Derecha del Roque or Trinidad and El Roque. Even amateurs may well take on some of these spots; others (such as Trinidad), however, should be reserved to surfers with strong nerves, routine and experience.

As always in the Northern part of Gran Canaria,
exploring the surroundings of El Altillo pays off as well. While you are walking along almost vertically rising rocks into the heartland, you will suddenly find yourself amidst a dusty landscape where cacti and palm trees are the only spots of green.

Information on the spot

Underground: volcano reef and rocks
Best time to go there: during high tide and half tide
Ideal height: 1-2 metres
Ideal wind conditions: from the South and the West
Waves: right waves as well as left waves; everything is possible here!
Surfers: many locals, but only on weekends
Season: from October to March
Water quality: good

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