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Once you have let off steam in the best surf spots europe in "Surf-City" Las Palmas and you are again - which is typical for surfers - in search of new adventures, there are further, more tranquil, different and less crowded canary islands surf spots than those in the capital, waiting for you in the North, West, East and South Gran Canaria. 42 bodyboard, longboard and surf spots all in all, to be precise, which express the incredible quantity and quality of canary island surf waves. Exclusive reports of one of the best surf spots europe with plenty of pictures are already online for the following spots:

canary islands surf spots : best surf spots europe on Gran Canaria

surf spots europe: gran canaria spot report

The ultimate frenzy! makes a long-cherished dream come true: the digital coverage of all of the island’s surf spots gran canaria. Using pictures, insider tips, interviews about the best surf spot(s) of gran canaria... Here you can find information which you will not find elsewhere !

Spot report Gran Canaria: Most of these surf spots can be reached by bus; busses swarm into all four cardinal points from Las Palmas’ bus stations “San Telmo” and “Santa Catalina”. Those who want to bring out the real “Surfari-feeling” – exploring gran canaria’s more remote surf spots with the stereo cranked up, the boards on the back seat and the feet hanging out of the window – should simply rent a car in one of the numerous car rentals in Las Palmas. A small but nice hire-car which will accommodate even your boards after some deliberating and trying is already available for unbeatable 25 Euros per day. Of course, 4-wheel jeeps, busses or cabrios are available as well, although with an additional charge.

One of the most comfortable and safest possibilities to get to know the surf spots in Gran Canaria is certainly by participating in a “Surfari” which is offered by professional surf schools. With prices starting at 390 Euros you will travel a whole week from one surf spot to the next. The surf school/ surf camp Ocean Side in Las Palmas for example offers such exciting tours!

Thus, fasten your seat belts and let’s get going with the Surfari to some of the best surf spots in europe ...

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