spain surfing on "Playa del Hombre" - Eastcoast Gran Canaria

Certainly the best surf spot along Gran Canaria’s east coast

In terms of spain surfing the Playa del Hombre is one of the best surf spots along the island’s east coast. Covered with dark brown, smooth sand the beach break of the Playa del Hombre isn’t visible from the highway since lies right beneath the village Playa del Hombre. So its a real secret in spain surfing on gran canaria!

This particular spot isn’t far from the city but a bit hidden and thus quite solitary during the week. On weekends many locals enjoy the calm beach. Restaurants, grocery stores and surf shops can be found by the next spot La Garita. If you like to go to Playa del Hombre you best take the bus from Las Palmas to La Garita and walk along the beautiful promenade for about 10 to 15 minutes to Playa del Hombre.

There are at least three breaks at the Playa del Hombre. Looking from the beach at the sea on your right hand’s side at the bottom of a 40 meter vertical rock face is the first break, right in the middle the second and at the beach’s right border the third. On the left there are mostly bodyboarders to find whereas surfers prefer the other breaks. A good place to observe the swells or “olas” is the palm tree promenade about 30 meters above the beach.

What qualifies this spot is the fact that the Canarian Surf, Bodyboard, Kneeboard and Longboard Championships were carried out here. was there for you: Take a look at our gallery of the Canarian Surf Championship 2007 – Playa del Hombre.

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Spot Information spain surfing "Playa del Hombre"

Ground: beach break
Best when: always
Ideal size: 1 to 2 meters
Ideal wind: from east
Waves: high and plunging waves, ideal for bodyboarders
Type of surfers: mainly locals
Season: October to March
Quality of water: good, though not excellent
Rating: 7 out of 10