San Antonio – gorgeous views over the harbour and the quarter Triana

The district of the thousand stairs

The district San Antonio is located above the old town district of Triana. The social centre of San Antonio is a broad terrace which leads to the approximately 50 metre high hill on which this district was built. Due to its elevated position you can enjoy an impressive panorama over the harbour of Las Palmas, Triana and Ciudad Jardin. There are just a few narrow alleys and cars, because most of the locals walk or go by motorbike in San Antonio.

Location San Antonio

Between the simple buildings of this working class quarter you can also find the one or the other architectural rarity. Although situated in the middle of Las Palmas, the life in San Antonio goes STILL a bit slower than in the city districts which are level with the sea. Because of its elevated position and the little traffic San Antonio looks like a noble fortress above the vivid streets of Las Palmas. Especially early in the morning you can beautifully watch the sunrise at the east coast from there.

Pictures San Antonio