Parque Norte – Amusement Park

40.000 Square Metres of Exotic and Indigenous Flora and Fauna

North of the island, near the „Cueva Pintada“ and „El Cenobio Valeron“ (once a camp of the indigenous inhabitants with more than 300 caves), the Parque Norte is located. This amusement park is unique because the great outdoors is the main attraction.

One of the many attractions of the park is to hike through huge banana plantations where more than six different kinds of bananas are being grown. Walking one kilometre into the park guests have the opportunity to contemplate at exotic animals from which some already belong to endangered species.

Exotic birds like the Japanese crane, toucans, parrots as well as the funny tamarins (originally from the Brazilian rain forest) live in this, for the Canary Islands one of a kind, botanical park. Another attraction is the mini-zoo where various small animal species like donkeys, pigs, goats, turtles and bunnies live.