Original Inhabitants of Gran Canaria: Remains of The Village El Agujero

Welcome to the Canarios Village, One of the Most Distinguished Archaeological Excavations of This Culture

The coast of Galdar, known under the name “El Agujero”, was once a densely populated area by the Canarios, the original inhabitants of Gran Canaria. This fact is confirmed by the round foundation walls of their houses that are still preserved today. The necropolis, which is also located in this area, is a unique part of the pre-Spanish history of the Canary Islands and was once a sacred gravesite of the Canarios. The complex architecture of the necropolis mirrors the high social developments and the hierarchical structure of the culture. 43 skeletons, which were carefully excavated by archaeologists, got quite a lot of attention in the professional world. If guests want to find out more about this unique and mysterious culture they can visit the „Cuevas Pintadas“(= painted caves) in Galdar or the “Museo Canario” in Las Palmas.