Novillo Precoz – meatdish from Uruguay

Family-run restaurant with heart and taste

The Novillo Precoz, known for its meat dishes beyond the Spanish borders, is one of the biggest culinary insider’s tips. The restaurant with its unimpressive-looking facade has been run by the Uruguayan Santos Lanus family for the past 27 years. However, the inside is more impressive: hundreds of satisfied visitors left short sayings, with praise and thanksgiving on the walls.

Not only the inscriptions of the visitors but the fond decoration convey a feeling of South America: black and white pictures of sheep and cattle, old newspaper articles of the Uruguayan national soccer team, pictures of flamenco legends and other famous musicians, and most of all local tools of the “Gauchos” (cowboys of Uruguay).

The Uruguayan background music represents another aspect of the country. All this contributes to the relaxed, down-to-earth, clean but most of all Uruguayan atmosphere. The professional, friendly, fast and attentive staff is mentionable as well. The good service is not the common practice in all restaurants.

This restaurant is convincing with its high quality and tender meat dishes from Uruguay, famous for their premium quality among insiders. The junior chef Guzman uses his extensive knowledge to prepare the different meat dishes on the antique and beautiful coal barbeque to perfection and give them the perfect consistency. When you ask about the secret of his competence, he answers with a wink:

If I tell you how I prepare my meat, you will cook yourself instead of coming to me. I won’t tell you the secret tricks that I gained through hard work over the last decades…

The prices are phenomenal considering the quality and quantity of the offered meals. A warning to the vegetarians among us: you are literally getting into the hot water here. However, we insure a meat paradise for the meatlovers among us. Walking out of the restaurant after a filling and delicious meal, one can hardly believe that the unimpressive front conceals the culinary heart of Uruguay. If you come back to Las Palmas again, you will also come back to Novillo Precoz unless you are a Vegetarian. Vegetarians might try to get out of this restaurant’s way after having had a shocking experience the first time around. In this case, you might be trying to stay away from the temptation that the delicious meat dishes prepared by Guzman offer.