Las Palmas Foundation Celebrations

Fiestas fundacionales - Noche de San Juan Las Palmas

Fiestas Fundacionales: foundation celebrations Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The foundation celebrations Las Fiestas Fundicionales de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which take place annually between the 13th and 23rd of June, remember the foundation of the city Las Palmas on June 23 in year 1478. There is a festive program consisting of art performances, concerts, activities for children an other Events.

The highlight of these foundation celebrations of Las Palmas is undoubtedly the night of the 23th of June. Particularly known for this evening La noche de San Juan are the campfires in many districts of the city. In this night the half of the city meets at the Canteras Beach to take a common nocturnal bath in the ocean, under the lights of a spectacular firework.

The firework is fired from the Plaza La Puntilla at northermost end of the Canteras beach. At midnightat the same time with the firework, hundreds of people throw themselves into the warm waters of the Canteras beach. This does not really need an overcoming because the air and water temeratures in Gran Canaria stay constantly at about 21 degree.

From the Plaza de la Musica in front of the auditorium Alfredo Krauss to the Plaza la Puntilla many concerts and other events take place in this night. But the real highlight are the Canarios, who show at this magical night once again that they know how to celebrate and how to enjoy life. There is no better opportunity to get to know the canary hospitality than during one of their most important feasts: the "Noche de San Juan" - the foundation celebrations of Las Palmas.