El Agujero – Bathing Resort with a Board Walk

The Bathing Idyll of Galdar. Swimming and Relaxing in a Natural Swimming Pool

Here one awaits a wonderful, small and cultivated board walk with white lanterns and a black stone wall, which leads along a stony beach and on which one can sit down comfortably and watch the surfers out on the water. On the beach a natural swimming pool is located in whose clear water thousands of colourful fish swim around. It is a definite must to bring goggles there!

If you are a surfer yourself you will not stay on land for long once you see the perfect waves. But also for non-surfers there is a lot to see and experience. Definitely noteworthy is the gorgeous natural swimming pool, which is located directly in between the rocks on the beach. Protected from the waves, one can relax in the crystal-clear and warm water or instead be active and swim laps just like in a swimming pool at home. In the evenings many locals go there to take a swim. Goggles should be taken along due to the salty water.

Various small bars, from which the comfortable and cozy bar “Tu Mismo” is especially worth mentioning, save tourists as well as locals from being hungry or thirsty. A special highlight is the archaeological excavation that is located directly behind the village and which are remains of the original inhabitants’ culture of Gran Canaria: the Canarios. Dozens of foundation walls of the circular stone houses are still conserved and can be visited today. Unfortunately, these certificates of Spanish history are surrounded by a 2 meter high iron fence to protect the artefacts from vandalism. But one can still get a good look at the foundation walls through the fence. Information signs in English and Spanish introduce tourists to the culture of the Canarios and convey astonishing facts about the time before the Spanish conquered Gran Canaria.

Pictures "El Agujero"

Pictures: thomas.borstner@laspalmas24.com