E-bike city sightseeing


Exploring the city easy and independent by e-bike.

Las Plamas is a large city with two center about 4 kilometers apart. For most people this distance is too large to cover by foot during a city tour. Alternative there is the option of exploring the city by a citytour with the sightseeing bus, wich is certainly confining and excludes an individually planning the route. Also a tour by bike has some disadvantages. The city is located in the mountains ans very uneven. Also the wind makes riding the bike very exhausting. Another alternative I tried to explore the city most relaxed and free are ebikes.

The ebike does not vary a lot from a regular bike, only the electric motor. The operation is very easy: As soon as the ebike strats moving the motor supports the driver when kicking the pedals and makes thereby driving much easier. If the pedals are not kicked the motor also does not work. The batteryf of the ebikes last about 40 kilometers.

Ideal for an ebike tour through Las Palmas is the large bikeway along the sea with a fantastic view over the city and the harbour. The bike way proceeds 12 kilometers along the whole city with exits to the different parts of the city. Despite the strong wind driving the bikeway by ebike is very pleasant because the motor also supports during headwind. 

Because Las Palmas is not really a bike city an it only has a fen bikeways, driving downton is beacause of the traffic less pleasant than outside. It is required to be much more careful. Particulary in the old town are many steep streets uphill. Because of the support of the ebike they are much easier to drive than by a normal bike. Also steeper gradients are well negotiated with some approach run. Admittedly there are quite some particularly closely streets full of people where it is necessary to descend and shove the ebike better move and do not hinder pedestrian.

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Ebike city tour Las Palmas

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