Discos Las Palmas: The Paraninfo – the club sans dress code

From Hard Rock and Bob Marley to weekly live music

“The Paraninfo” can be described as the centre of the surf scene and as one of the most versatile and best bars and discos of Las Palmas. The ground floor with its huge stage plus dance floor is perfect to get one’s groove on. On this floor one can listen to heavy metal and everything that is loud and has fast beats, like the bands Rammstein or Green Day. In addition, weekly live concerts played by international and Canarian bands take place on the stage.

Discos Las Palmas Paraninfo: On the upper floor, from where one can look down on the hard rock floor through a glas porthole, more relaxed music is being played. Everything that sounds relaxed and positive is being played on the upper floor, like South American music and artists like Manu Chao, Bob Marley and smooth Spanish music. Later on in the night the complete upper level of the club transformes into one big dance floor.

Admission: 3 Euro (which includes two beers of your choice) or 5 Euro (which includes a mixed drink, e.g. a Wodka Red Bull)

No one leaves the Paraninfo before 5am. Concerning the dress code: The versatility of the music that is being played, also reflects itself in the clothing styles of its visitors. One can find every genre of fashion, from heavy metal listeners who are all dressed in black to Reggae lovers who wear sandals and are dressed in green-red-yellow.

Where? Calle Franchy Roca 17 (5 minutes away from Las Canteras beach)

Opening hours? Between 1 – 2 am until 6 am

Music: heavy metal, reggae, Manu Chao and Spanish alternative music

Admission: 3 – 5 Euro

Homepage: http://www.salaparaninfo.com/

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