Disco, Bar, Pub: La Estacion in Parque Santa Catalina

The Nummer one in Versatility

This locality is café, pub, bar and disco all in one. This extraordinary place called “La Estacion” can be found right across from Edificio Miller at Parque Santa Catalina. Its intertior consists of a long-stretched bar and a vitreous terrace which offers enough seating opportunities for its guests. Here one can also choose to play darts, billiard or table tennis.

On the small stage inside the „La Estacion“, concerts take place on the weekends. The style of music can be best described as alternative, because for example Funk, Jazz and Rock are being played. This fact is also reflected in the audiences’ life style.

On days where no live-acts perform, one can sometimes enjoy Latino or house music instead. On Thursdays, so-called “Erasmus-Parties” take place which attract many students from different countries.

Compared to other localities which are either opened only during the day or at night, the “La Estacion” is opened almost 24 hours a day.

Concerning the food, many light snacks are offered to satisfy the appetite. If one is really hungry, daily lunch menus are being offered or one can eat a la carte. The “La Estacion” offers a great variety of food and in addition is inexpensive. Another plus point of this establishment is the fact that one can order warm food until 3am.

Location City-Map Las Palmas

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