Gran Canaria departure Airport Las Palmas, 2023/03/25

Real Time departures at Gran Canaria Airport today, 21:26 UTC

Departure Information Gran Canaria – Las Palmas Airport departures board in real-timet hourly updated. See all current departures from Gran canaria Airport to european flight destinations.

Flight time to Gran Canaria – flight duration to Las Palmas, from UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands to Las Palmas

The Flight times between Las Palmas Airport and Eurpean Airports in UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia are regulary between 4:30 and 6:30 hours within Nonstop-flights. Generally the return flight from Gran Canaria is mostly an estimated half hour shorter in comparison with the outward flight. Reason are the tailwinds which tendencially head to north in common flight altitudes.

Flight times generally vary about 30 minutes depending on major wind directions and selected flight path.

Current departures from Gran Canaria Airport data in real time

Outgoing Flights timetable Gran canaria

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