Caves „Morro del Verdugado“

A Historic Sight on The Hill Above San Felipe

These caves are located right on a hill behind the surfsports El Circo, Playa de Vagabundos and Pico del Paso. Also the surfcamp Surfguia 2 is located at the bottom of the 200 metre high hill. To access these caves one has to be adventurous, athletic and needs good shoes, because the caves are situated in the steep walls between the canyons Barranco de Moya and Barranco del Hormiguero.

Many of the caves are already deteriorated which makes the locating of these former cult sites even harder. Plus the hardened volcanic rocks are naturally interspersed with hundreds of holes. This aids to the confusion of finding the right cave.

The original inhabitants of Gran Canaria used caves in an exposed location to burry their dead, but also for the storage of grain. Regarding these caves, experts are certain that they were used as a burial ground. Despite the deterioration one can still see the remains of the walls that once closed off the entrance to the cave.

When one undertakes the hike to the caves one should take one’s time due to two reasons: 1. to admire the unique and exotic flora of Gran Canaria and 2. to find a good grip so that one does not slip. Next to the mystic and adventurous atmosphere that reigns in the caves, a walk (or a hiking tour) allows one to take in the gorgeous view over the Northern coast of Gran Canaria and the surfspots around San Felipe.

Pictures "Morro del Verdugado"