Carnival in Las Palmas

exotic, spectacular: the carnival Latino in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Cartel Carnaval 2011 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Every year in ferburay the carnival Latino is celebrated in Las Palmas as one of the most important fesivals and lures almost one month nomerous visitors in the Parque Santa Catalina. the centre of the spectacle.

During the carnival time the capital of the canary islands looks typical and distinctive, because a large part of the population takes activ part of the the carnival. There are special busses untill late in the night and the "Palmenser" are are awake the whole nights on the weekends.

Highlights of the Carnival

  • Pregon: great opening ceremony on the stage in the Parque Santa Catalina
  • Gala de la Reina: "La Gala de la Reina" – Show with presentation of the applicants and the voting for the queen of the carnival
  • Gala de la Reina infantil: "La Gala de la Reina Infantil" – Show and voting for cildren for the queen of the carnival
  • Gala Drag Queen: "Gala de la Drag Queen" – Voting for the "Drag Queen", transvestites applicate for the voting of the "Drag Queen"
  • Cabalgata Infantil: "Cabalgata Infantil" –  Huge parade for children, traditional carnival and the night of Sala music: "noche de salsa"
  • Gran Cabalgata: Huge carnival parade from the port to the old town
  • Carnaval tradicional: Thousands of native people celebrate in the old town in historical costumes and sprinkle themselves with powder. Example is the "Carnaval de los Palmeros" from the island of La Palma.
  • Carnaval Canino: Carnival for dogs, competition for the best maked dog
  • Entierro Sardina: "Entierro de la Sardina" – official end of the carnival, with a huge parade from the old town "Triana" to the "Las Canteras" beach and the final "burial of the Sardine" in the form of combustion on a raft at Canteras beach

Short term announced events will be concerts of famous stars of the Latin- and pop- music. In the last years some of these surprice concerts were acts of very famous Latin stars like for example Salsa Oscar de Leon, Charranga Habenera, Willi Chirino, La India and many more.

Annualy photo competition Carnaval

official competition by the city of Las Palmas

Dedicated photographers will be very successful during the carnival which can be considered in many different aspects. Someone with passion for photography should  maybe take part of the photo competition of Las Palmas, which is awarded with several hundred euros for the first.

The participants have to submit at most 3 photos which have to be recorded during the  carnival of Las Palmas. The photos of the cometition have to be on photo paper with a lenght of 15 and at most 40 cm. More details you will find on this page:

Links and information from the city council of Las Palmas for Karneval Las Palmas – new official Homepage of the carnival in Las Palmas. Here you get the official event program, photos of the carnival, news and more.