A trip to the botanical graden of Las Palmas

Jardín botánico "viera y clavijo": botanical garden with an impressive biodiversity

The jardín botanico (=botanical garden) is located in Tafira, a suburb of Las Palmas lying in a fecund valley above the capital city of the Canaries. Within a few hours the whole variety of the Canaries‘ botanic can be explored and accessorily even admired - and all for free!

The botanical garden of Las Palmas "Viera y Clavijo" is located between the districts Tafira and Almatriche, on a slope of the Barranco Guiniguada - a fertile Canyon, wich goes from the old town Vegueta up to the highest Mountain regions on Gran Canaria.

The upper one of the two entrance of the 24 hectares big area of the botanic garden is located in Tafira Alta, a noble suburb of Las Palmas, and can be reached very well by car or by bus. Shorter but more impassable is a hike or a MTB-tour through the fruitfully area of Barranco de Guiniguada to the lower entrance, wich can also be reached by car through Almatriche.

At least there’s enough to adore: One grove of date - and Canary palms, one with dragon trees and one with bay trees not to forget the more than 100 kinds of plants. Through this diversity of species countless narrow paths and stairways are leading, which are signed to debar aberrances. In case of emergency or also at other questions gardeners or watchman can be asked, which are apparently invisible sustaining the „cosmic“ order of the Jardín Botánico.

On expedition through the gardens many romantic seats are passed, which affectionately made of stone, and invite to bide awhile. The best time for visiting is in spring, when the majority of the plants are in gorgeous bloom. Because of the fact that many sensations make hungry, it is recommended to make a stop in the related restaurant. Not only the unique view over the garden is bribing but also its Canarian cuisine and the exemplary service.

Also interesting is the cacti collection of the spacious, 1952 founded facility. Here many different kinds of cacti out of Africa, South - and North America can be found. Really amazing because where else is the chance to eye up at so many plants out of so many different countries at just so a small space! The foundation of the botanic garden is the result of the Swedish botanist Eric R. Sventenius (1910 – 1973). Originally he had the incidence to create a garden exclusive for domiciled plants of the Canaries.

In any case the area of the botanical garden of Las Palmas is worth viewing, not for nothing the botanic garden is known as one of the best equipped of the northern hemisphere!

Short facts Jardin Botanico

Direction & Opening times of the botanical garden Las Palmas – "Viera y Clavijo"

Opening times of the botanical garden: daily from 9am to 6pm, the entrance is free! The garden has two entrance. We recommend the upper one, because of the missing bus connection at the lower entrance. 

Direction by car / rental car: Highway or Expressway, Exit Tafira Alta to the upper entrance or via Almatriche to the lower one.

Direction by bus from Santa Catalina: By Bus line 301 of the blue Global-Buses, from 7am to 8pm the bus departs two times hourly. Busstop is Jardín Canario, after the university. You can additionally take the yellow bus Nr. 26 of the City-Buses Guaguas Municipales, wich addmitedly takes longer than the Global-Bus. Departure is at least two times hourly from 7am to 10pm. Busstop is Campus Universitario (Ingenierítas).

Direction by bus from San Telmo: By Bus line 303 of the blue Global-Buses.  From 6am to 10pm the bus departs two times hourly. By Bus line 311, from 6am to 9pm departure is two times hourlyAlternative is the yellow bus Nr. 7  of the City-Buses Guaguas Municipales from the city theatre. From 7am to 12pm the departure is at least two times hourly. Terminus is the university of Las Palmas in Tafira Alta. Busstop Campus Universitario (Ingenierías). Thence you have to go about 5 minutes by foot to the upper entrance of the botanical garden.

Hike or MTB-tour to the botanical garden: You start in the middle of the old twon to hike 4 km through the very worth seeing Barranco de Guiniguada past to exotic banana plantations – exotic nature inside of a spectacular canyon in the middle of the city. Information for MTB-Driver: the path is generally very rocky, less experienced probably need to shove some of the sections.