Apartments Playa Dorada – big terraces with perfect view

Unrivalled in Las Palmas: roomy and comfortable apartments containing up to 4 bedrooms

most spacious sun-terraces over Canteras beach in Playa Dorada Apartments, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Apartments of Playa Dorada take with severally aspects a exceptional position under all apartment-buildings in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: in no other house the terraces with sea views are so spacious, offering spectacular views to the Canteras Beachfront above. Also the size and outfit of the Playa Dorada apartments are above the ordinary. Especially for families or groups interesting: The biggest apartment offers 4 separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + living room, kitchen and balcony. So it’s the perfect vacation apartment for families or groups directly at Canteras-beach in Las Palmas. Houses like the one’s of Playa Dorada imparts the advantages of a holiday in Las Palmas at best: You’re living central with all attractions in front of the front door, even though the ease, the unclouded beach pleasure and a wonderful view can be enjoyed.

Outfit and location of the Apartments of Playa Dorada

The apartments of Playa Dorada are located directly at the best part of Canteras-beach in the middle of Santa Catalina district. Although all apartments are consequently aligned to the sea they are quite calm – just wind and waves are silently noticeable through the closed window. As a rule all apartments are equipped with an own and full furnished kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, crockery, hotplates,…), separate bedrooms containing 2 beds or double/kingsize bed, living room/lounge with TV as well as bath with shower/restroom and mostly washing machine.

The appointment of the apartments of Playa Dorada is also in compare to other apartment-houses in Las Palmas spacious, aesthetic and friendly. The vacation apartments of Playa Dorada are surpassing big and roomy, so that in case of need you can "keep out of each other’s way". The plots are with many variations, a feared "alleyway" – so a long thin room – doesn’t exist here.

The majority of the apartments are maily appointed with newer furniture; the kitchens are relatively big and well equipped. Also the baths are well equipped and nearly ever in possession of a top load or other washing machine. As a rule the TV are not to big but also receive international channels via satellite.

The unrivalled big terraces in Playa Dorada convey nearly Penthouse ("Attico")-Feeling and offer a wonderful genuine view on Canteras beach and the coastal districts of city Las Palmas. Because of the excellent detachment and the terraced arrangement for sufficient private atmosphere and covering is cared. A table with provision of seating as well as 2 comfortable deckchairs on the guest’s „private“balcony is provided.

The biggest vacation apartment located at Canteras beach we actually know is also located in the Playa Dorada and possesses up to 4 separate bed rooms. This big apartment No. 213 is ideal for families or groups who want to spend their free time together under “one rooftop” and therefore not want to avoid into a finca on rural area. This apartments price depends on the number of temporarily occupants.

Directly in front of the apartments the promenade "Paseo de Las Canteras" is located; loud discotheques, pubs or similar "disturbances" are not around. Next to the apartment street Luis Morote is ending, where also 300m further easterly the beautiful Parque Santa Catalina with its "open-Air"- cafes is located. In close proximity to the "Playa Dorada" numerous shops, banks, pharmacies and restaurants are located. There‘re nearly no needs which can‘t assuaged with just a few steps.

Our service: Alike at many other vacation apartments in Las Palmas in some cases the quality of the appointment is varying from apartment to apartment. At booking over Las Palmas you can be sure that we are insisting only on the best apartments of the house, or when the choice is quite limited you’ll get worth knowing detail abnormalities in advance. For the very reason that we are operating on-site directly in Las Palmas we know all apartment-houses and rooms from our own experience and assessment.

  • Serviced Apartments
  • No. 310, 312, 408, 410, 602, sleeps 2 – 3, 80 € – 90 € night

Comfortable vacation apartments with separate bedroom (twin beds), bathroom with shower or bathtub shower, kitchen with hot-plate and microwave oven, fridge-freezer, partially with washer, salon with SAT-TV, spacious sun-terrace with frontal ocean-views. Additional beds can be provided for a fee.

  • rental rates 2 pax :
    ca. 80 €- 90 € per night
  • additional persons:
    on request
  • Reservation requests:
    please use the form below

City map of Las Palmas: Playa Dorada Apartments

Map of Canteras Apartments

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Apartments Playa Dorada

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310 Apartment

sleeps maximum 3 adults

ocean-view from terrace of Apartment 310 Playa Dorada
view to Salon and bedroom from terrace door Apartment 310 Playa Dorada

Salon view to sun-terrace and beachfront Apartment 310 Playa Dorada
bathroom in 310 Apartment Playa Dorada

410 Apartment

sleeps maximum 3 adults

as palmas ferienwohnungen playa dorada  ansicht 1 aussen canteras strand
las palmas canteras Ferienwohnungen playa dorada ansicht 2 terrasse
las palmas canteras Ferienwohnungen playa dorada ansicht wohnen 1

las palmas canteras apartments playa dorada ansicht 2 schlafen
Ferienwohnungen las palmas canteras playa dorada ansicht schlafen 2

Ferienwohnungen las palmas canteras playa dorada ansicht wohnen 2
Ferienwohnungen las palmas canteras playa dorada ansicht kueche 2
Ferienwohnungen las palmas apartments playa dorada ansicht bad 2

312 Apartment

sleeps maximum 3 adults

312 Apartment Terrace Playa Dorada P1
312 Apartment Terrace Playa Dorada P2
312 Apartment views from entrance to living room

312 Apartment living room P1
312 Apartment living room P2
312 Apartment sleeping room P1

312 Apartment sleeping room P2
312 Apartment sleeping room P3
312 Apartment entrance area

312 Apartment bathroom P1
312 Apartment kitchen P1
312 Apartment kitchen P2

602 Apartment

sleeps maximum 4 adults

living room 1 with balcony Apartment 602
living room 2 with balcony Apartment 602
private sun terrace with seperate entrance 602

left: entrance sun terrace, right entrance apartment 602
sleeping room separate 602
kitchen 602 Apartment Playa Dorada

Apartment 311

Apartment-Studio mit Wohn-Schlafzimmern & Terrasse