Don Carlos holiday Apartments with ocean-view at northern Canteras beach

holiday homes from 32 € to 66 € directly at Canteras Beach

The apartments Don Carlos are situated directly on the northern Canteras Beach near "Puntilla", most of them have a ocean-view head to south-west. Many of the apartments in different price categories and of different quality levels have balconies with a wonderful view over the entire 3,5 km of the Canteras Beach. As the Don Carlos Apartment-House is contracted yearly from October until April by a scandinavian tour-operator, we can offer you only individual reservations from May until beginning of October. The former offered Attico Apartments (roof-top) are not more available, because the owners will sell it as immobiliary.


+++ in Winter Season DON CARLOS Apartemts are only bookable via TOUR OPERATOR (APOLLO) no private bookings possible +++

The Apartments of the Don Carlos-Canteras can be roughly divided into 4 types:

  • top floor apartments for 4 people (not more available!!)
  • renovated apartments with a balcony and sea view
  • not renovated apartments with a balcony and sea view
  • apartments with a view on the inner courtyard (without a sea view /without a balcony)

There are considerable differences in quality, furnishings, spaciousness and size among these 3 types of apartments. However, the prices correspond fairly, as each type of apartment has its own price which depends on the season (see the price list below).

On type of apartment are the not renovated apartments which still have a balcony and a dream view on the sea and the beach. Here the furnishing is a little bit older, which, of course, has an advantageous effect on the price. Beds, a couch and a kitchen are not so beautiful as those in the top floor apartments, but they can still keep up with the competitors like Apartments Brisamar or Luz Playa, and the prices are at least of equal rank.

For a few of more Euros per day you can also book a newly renovated apartment with a sea view and a balcony. These apartments are furnished almost as nicely as the top floor ones, but they are somewhat smaller. The view from here is also fantastic!

The apartments with a view on the inner courtyard would interest those who like tranquillity and want to save some money. They are also newly renovated and certainly the most favourable. It is always tranquil in the inner courtyard, so it is ideal for guests who are not very sound sleepers. The price of 32€ per day (from April to June) compared with the competing apartments like Catalina Park (36€ per day) is really favourable, taking into consideration the modern equipment and spaciousness of the apartments.

Included in rental rate: Room cleaning 1x per week, exchange of towels 2x per week and of bedclothes 1x per week are included in the price. It is also possible to place a third or a fifth bed respectively in a top floor suite for the additional charge of 10€ per day.

The reception is usually only from 15.00 to 16.00 open. It is not a problem though, because the room key is also suitable for opening the entrance door.

Map of Canteras Apartments

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Apartment Don Carlos

Don Carlos Apartments not bookable:

from October 2012 to April 2013

please note that DON CARLOS studios & apartments are exclusively contracted by tour operator from october 2012 until april 2013 – so we cannot confirm direct bookings within this terms. Please do not request reservations within this terms.

fotos com apartment seaview remodeled



Price April to June: 46 € per day
Price July to September: 55 € per day

fotos DON CARLOS seaview apartments NOT remodeled





Price April to June: 49 € per day
Price July to September: 45 € per day

fotos com apartments WITHOUT seaview



Price April to June: 32 € per day
Price July to September: 40 € per day

Pictures Apartment Don Carlos

outside view and surroundings at Canteras beach